Saturday, January 22, 2011

Paludarium Update - NOW WITH RED DEVIL CRABS! :D

I couldn't believe it, my local fish store actually had Geosesarma crabs in today. They were selling pairs for only 30$ so I paid for one as quick as I could. They're even the red variety! The kind I wanted! I had kinda given up on the idea of getting crabs for this project and sticking to geckos because I am confident in my ability to keep geckos, but the second I saw the crabs, I knew I had to have them. It was just gonna be a simple trip to  the store too. I was just picking up some gravel and a few pieces of driftwood, but I just mentioned vampire crabs to Emily (girl who works there) and she was like "We have some up front!" 
Needless to say, I'm excited. The crabs will be waiting for me at the store until I get the paludarium finished, which should be tomorrow. What's really wonderful is that today I was gonna buy a 50 gallon off of craigslist, but I decided that I'd save my money for finishing up the paludarium project. I'm infinitely glad that I did. 

I did a near complete layout of the hardscape (driftwood and rocks) within the paludarium and used the actual light that will be over the tank. It really looks spectacular, can't wait to fill it with plants and water and fish and crabs! 

And that was the big event of the night for me. Just more working during the day! 

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  1. This just reminds me of your aquarium under your bed in the dorms. Which wasn't technically allowed on campus... but they liked it too much to tell you to dismantle it.

    You sound infinitely happier since leaving santa cruz... And yes, arting should commence! My address is in the fb message I first sent you :)

    AANNNDDDD - maybe I'll come down soon! That would be so awesome! I could road trip with some friends or somethin :) and you and Suki could meet my boyfriend :3