Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Masking Up for Lost Time

Well, I had a paragraph typed out, but I unfortunately closed the window on accident. And now it's late-pants and I am le-tired-pants. Big day for me, first day on the job for Chronic Tacos. Good vibes and energy working there for it being a taco shop chain. Guh, I should be sleeping, gotta get up early to buy Burning Man tickets.

In other news! I got back to mask making. I bet you all thought I had given up! Hah! NO.

First up - Mask #5: Hand Eye Coordination

Second - Mask #6: Suns that Refused to Sink

And finally, one that I particularly like -
Mask #7: Shudder

I think for the sake of them looking good on the blog, I'll shoot them portrait from now on. Am I really 30 masks behind already? Fuuuuuuuuu....zZzzZzzzz...
Edit: No wait, just 23. I can deal with that.


  1. Sooo I have a few things to say:

    One, I'm jealous of your room. You described it to me last year, but I'm afraid that was not how I imagined it. Did I imagine it as being neat? Yes. Did that picture exceed neat-ness imagined? Yes.

    Two, I want to go to that circus... I'm, again, jealous that you were able to go to something like that. It sort of reminds me of the circus in Coraline's neighbors attic. The one with the mice and the stuff and.... you should see it.

    Three, I like your masks. You should wear them in some of your photos. :)

    And four, I'm not sure if you're seeing these comments... But I'll keep leaving em just in case.


  2. Answering from the bottom up.

    Five - Worry not, I am seeing your comments! :) I've just been keepin' busy lately.

    Six - Thank you Victoria, I really do enjoy making the masks. And once I get to 25, I've got a surprise in store for you.

    Six - The circus within Coraline is EXACTLY what I thought of while I was there! You should get your butt down here during spring break. I'm fairly certain both Chrononaut(Steampunk nightclub) and Technomania Circus happen during that week.

    Seven - And as for my room... Hell, I get jealous of myself sometimes. Most of the fishies from the Cardboard Aquarium are still here, come say "Hi" to old friends!

    We should start on that art-ing back and forth idea, now that we're both back, yeah? :D