Thursday, May 5, 2011

Life and How to Live It

There's a lot of subjugation within the lives we live. We are chosen to be subjects of schools. We are chosen to work for wherever we work. A lot of life is being told what to do and who you are. And telling yourself that. Making yourself be something is one thing, but being yourself is another. I've kept myself on a fairly steady path, continually following what I thought was right and given the room to do so because I respected and gave space to the ones around me. But a couple years ago I applied myself to the Steampunk subculture. I made myself into a steampunk. A mild one, but it was something I could latch onto and feel part of, rather than just being me. I met some great people and did some cool things within the time period that I was really into it. But, like most things within my life, it faded from my interest. I liked the ideals within it, but it wasn't something that completely stuck to my core. I feel like it was the fact that I hadn't created it is what made me fall away from Steampunk.

Yet, I'm glad I had that part in my life. From Steampunk I gleaned a sense of fashion and design and it invigorated my creativity. It really stirred up the mystic silt of life within me. Without it, I hold that I would not be an art major now. I would not be who I am. I was a subject of Steampunk, no doubt.

And so life rolls along, right? We are continued subjects of our professors or of our parents. It's when we break away and start studying on the SUBJECT OF OURSELF that makes us. It's when we take the journey to our core and see what lies there. For me, it seems to be a wide open area, like the deep ends of Burning Man, with lights in the distance and always an adventure to be had, yet serene where I stand. On the ground lay a top hat, my top hat. I lift the hat and beneath it grows the tiniest belly flower. And munching on that flower's tiniest leaves is the tiniest caterpillar. Life feeding life feeding life.  All in an unexpected place, yet a personal one.

And the air smells of rich roasted coffee.

We are all subjects of LIFE, but don't let YOUR LIFE become YOUR SUBJECT. Let you.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Merry Month of May

This one's gonna be a thriller! Brother's Birthday! Gaslight Gathering! Mother's Day! Dad's Birthday! Maker Faire! Visiting Santa Cruz! AND Camping! 

As for school, it's ending! And I've got a report on Burning Man to do, as well as sculptures, finals, and registering for summer classes!

Guh. This month... This month is gonna be exhausting... And is gonna hurt me in the wallet... BUT IT'S GONNA BE A GOOD HURT. AND IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME.