Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pffff Masks

Well, gee, and here I thought I could commit to that. Haha. I've been busy in the past weeks, what with the new job, settling in with school and really working on the planning for Burning Man. I was sick too and I really hate doing anything when I'm sick, ah well... But hey, been doing some sculptures. What time is it? Ah, near eleven. Meh, not too late to take some pictures or make masks. I dunno, sign flipping just really drains me of wanting to do anything at all. School's good though. Welding and sculpture are fun. You know, if I had the current masks out and hanging on my wall, I bet I'd be a lot more compelled. They're a bit too heavy for tape and I don't have enough tacks to hang them all. Such a predicament I know! Ramble ramble ramble...

Fishes are doing alright! Poor Mr. Badis died of unknown causes, I'm guessing parasites. Lady Badis seems pretty sad actually. :( The schooling fish are all moved into the paludarium. I'm considering removing the glowlight danios however, even with just 4 of them, they kinda throw off the groove of the whole tank. That and I really should have set up the unidirectional flow before I put fish in there. DAMN YOU IMPATIENCE! Oh! I got some really neat little gourami-like things. They weren't labeled at Tropical Fish and the guys said they were "Spiketail gourami." I'm a sucker for gourami-ish fish so I nabbed one yesterday and two today to give him some company. They aren't too pretty, but they are probably juveniles and hopefully they'll get to be something like this: Pseudospheromenus cupanus

Anywho, that's what's up with me lately. UPDATE COMPREETO