Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vivaria Channel

It's not every day that I get to kick back and play with my vivaria all day. These little worlds are each their own wonderful experience and they all have their own unique personality. While my 55gal Indian biotope is grand and elegant, the 30gal Mario Bros tank is a farce on a classic video game. The 5gal riparium and the 40gal paludarium each bring in a semi-terrestrial environment, but are wildly different in structure. The terrarium for my crested gecko could use a little work, but it has a messy look to it that separates it from the others.

Putting these tiny ecosystems together absolutely captivates and fascinates me and I really do like sharing them. So, in an effort to share them a bit more actively than just pictures here, I've started a youtube channel - TheLemurLad's Channel. I'm thinking I'll do an update vid each week and then make one every so often that deals with specifics. I've made a few videos already, mostly just me shaking the camera and talking for about 10 minutes, but I hope you'll check them out. :)