Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yes! Finally! The paludarium is set up and running quite well! The crabs are all enjoying their little habitat and I even got another pair, hopefully I'll be able to breed these. :) Also! I picked up a 55gallon tank yesterday! for 40$! Came with a stand and a shit ton of air pumps and other sorts of aquarium stuff. Now, you may be wondering where this money came from. Well, I'm in the same boat. I just haven't a clue. One minute I'm broke, the next I'm off buying a whole 'nother aquarium without fear of it impacting my funds for school. Crazy man. Anywho, how about some pics of the palu? Oh and as for the mask project, hell, you can tell I've been busy, yeah? With school on it's 2nd week, I'm already knee deep into a sculpture and simple assignments from my other classes. Though the simple assignment of buying all my welding "skin gear" is a tad costly. Enough rambling. Time for pictures! Check out the colors on those crabs!

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