Tuesday, December 21, 2010

40 Gallon Riparium/Paludarium Update

Hoorah! With time on my hands thanks to winter break, I've gotten back to my Riparium/Paludarium project! I just foamed in the rock wall and I think it looks spiffy! I used a few rocks from my backyard as well as this bunch of petrified wood shards I had saved. Once it dries, I'll work on sanding and cutting back the protruding Great Stuff. Man is that stuff sticky, I've got it all over my finger tips, probably won't come off for a couple days. There are some purposeful gaps left in the wall for driftwood and plants, which I'll add later. Keep in mind that a 1 inch-ish gap was left for substrate.

I think I'll venture to Home Depot tomorrow and see if I can procure a bit of brown silicone to use for adding driftwood to the wall. I held a CFL lamp at the top of the tank in the last shot to show what it should look like when it's lit up.

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