Tuesday, December 21, 2010

100 Masks in 100 Days

What would a blog be without a 'certain amount of things' being made in a 'certain amount of time'?

But first, a little backstory - 

Today was fairly mellow, pretty darn stormy for SoCal actually, so I hung around the house. Eating leftovers, watching my fishes, wishing I had a car, carousing the internubs, etc; the usual for a lumpy day. Yet, a makey mood took hold of me around 3-ish, wasn't until 4-ish that I decided to do anything. I picked up my handy-dandy idea book that I wore to death up in Santa Cruz and looked for something that I could make with the junk I had laying around.

Headphones? Nah, not in the mood. How about the updating the Sonic Snoozle Snakes? Meh... Giant Abraham Lincoln Robot Costume? Don't have enough sono-tubing around. So, I settled on a few little sketches of some masks I thought up one day. 

The last 5 I added today to let flow the idea of masks.

I decided on the one that resembles an eyeball turned sideways, with the spiral covering the face; and the puzzle piece one. These two were thought up many months ago while I was at UCSC, and to me, they are definitely the most mask-ing of what I threw up. Keeping in mind, I wanted to use materials I had laying around.

The first design screamed "use EL wire" at me, so I did. My favorite color combination is orange and blue which is quite apparent in my life; ex: my couch/bed is bright orange and my walls are a deep, dark blue. 
Mask #0: Hypnaught

The second design however would not get the blessing of EL Wire, really because I just didn't have small enough strands and I didn't wanna chop any up for this simple project. Just cardboard, scrap fabric, and hot glue.
Mask #1: Puzzled Look

They both ended up terrific, I think! :) And so, in completion of these two masks, I inspired myself to  embark on a new challenge for the next 100 days. Thus completes the backstory.

I will make 100 Masks in 100 Days, all out of recycled/scrap materials.

You can expect truckloads of cardboard, gallons of hot glue, and enough tape to feed a small country. Typical blog posts about fishes/events/other art will still happen, but the mask posts will be often and brief, versus long-winded and occasional like my others.

Being the cheat I am, I'll count Puzzled Look as mask numero 1 (consider Hypnaught as #0), but I'll knock off a day. So 99 masks and 99 days to go, kiddies. :)

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  1. That's awesome! I like the spiral one a lot. I still remember your use of el wire for the cardboard aquarium you had created under your bed. Which was crazy :)